How to Print, Scan or Fax on your HP Printer

How to Print on a Windows Computer:

  • Open the file you want to print on the computer.
  • Please press Ctrl + P on the keyboard at the same time.
  • When the pop-up window pop-up menu appears, select the browser you want to send.
  • Click the Print button on the screen to complete the job.

How to Scan on a Windows Computer:

  • Please make sure the Printer Driver is downloaded and installed.
  • Place the item on the scanner glass or in the automatic document slot, depending on the type of your printer.
  • Depending on the printer, open HP Scan or HP Solution Center.
  • Please scan the file and save it anywhere on the computer.
  • You can change the scan destination folder by clicking Save to File Save Options.

How to Send and Receive Faxes on HP Printers:

  • Please make sure the printer is connected to the computer and installed properly.
  • Load the pages you want to fax into the input tray correctly.
  • For HP printers, there may be a Fax selection option. Complete this method before proceeding.
  • Please turn the fax number you want to send the fax to completely and correctly.
  • Please press Start or start fax, Process is complete.